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   About US

The Saskatoon Roller Derby League is a not for profit athletic organization. We are an inclusive league that accepts adult skaters of all skill levels, genders and races.

SRDL consists of two travel teams, the A level, wftda sanctioned Mindfox and the B level Killa Bees.

SRDL is not just a league, it is a community and a family.

We encourage athletic growth and support each other in our journey.

   Our Journey

Years of firsts and endless growth.

We have only just begun.

   2007 SRDL is created

SRDL becomes the first established roller derby league in Saskatchewan.

Two house teams, the Bridge City Bombshells and The Hells Bells.

Two broken bones in the first half of their first ever bout.

   2010 SRDL revamps house teams

in 2010 SRDL switches out their two house teams for three new ones.

The Multiple Convixens, The Slamazons, and The Misfit Mafia.

SRDL had their first home team battle as the 2010 season opener.

   2010 The Mindfox are born

In 2010 The Mindfox are created as SRDL's A level travel team.

The skaters created the name based on their wild jammers using weird noises to F*ck with the other teams mind.

   2011 Gene Simmons visits

In Fall 2011 Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed attended an SRDL home team bout, where Gene filmed an episode of "Family Jewels".

   2011 The Killa Bees are born

in late 2011 SRDL established The Killa Bees as their B level travel team.

   2013 New logo

in the end of 2013 SRDL introduced a new logo.

They wanted a new logo that was gender neutral and better reflected the leagues athleticism and love for its city. 

   2013 Mindfox win the Championship

In 2013 the Mindfox competed in what was billed as "Canada's first roller derby championships" in Edmonton Alberta.

The Mindfox came home with the gold.

   2018 SRDL Goes WFTDA

.SRDL becomes the first WFTDA sanctioned Roller Derby League in Saskatchewan.

   2018 Mindfox play and win their first international WFTDA game

In October of 2018 the Mindfox travelled to Billings Montana for their first international, WFTDA sanctioned game, against Magic City Rollers.

Mindfox was predicted a meer 30% chance of winning, but pulled together and fought hard to bring home a win of 147-135.

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