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   Join The Seniors (18+)

  Who can join Senior Practices?

Any new SRDL member, over the age of 18 who has previously completed a Fresh Meat program and bench marking can join senior practices.

If you are an out of town skater who would like to pop in for a single SRDL practice, please contact our Skater Rep at

When are Senior Practices?

SRDL's season generally runs from Feb-Nov, with practices running 2 hours each on Tuesdays and Thursdays (subject to change depending on the season)

What you need:

- Skater insurance for $50/year.

- Skater Dues of $50/month during the season (we run 8-9 months/year)

- mouth guard

- quad skates (no rollerblades)

- Helmet

- Wrist Guards

- Knee pads

- Elbow pads

Please feel free to contact our Skater Rep at with any questions.

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