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   Join Team Zebra (all Ages)

Referees are a crucial part of roller derby and of the SRDL community.

Skaters can play and ref, or choose to only ref. Reffing greatly increases a skaters gameplay skills.

Referees have the option and opportunity to travel with SRDL teams, and solo, to ref bouts for outside leagues.

How to become a referee:

All referee skaters must complete the Fresh Meat skater training program.

(see fresh meat page for intake days)

What you need:

- Skater insurance for $50/year.

- Fresh Meat fee of $50/month (refs pay no dues after completing Fresh Meat)

At SRDL we provide skates and safety gear on loan until you complete your Fresh Meat training. (3 months) After which you will need your own:

- quad skates (no rollerblades)

- Helmet

- Wrist Guards

- Knee pads

- Elbow pads

- Ref jersey

- Fox40 Whistle

Please feel free to contact our head ref at with any questions.

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