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___Become a Non-Skating Official (All Ages)

   What is an NSO?

Non-skating officials work along side the referees in running the flow of game play.

NSO positions include:

Jam Timer - Bouts have one jam timer. The jam timer is responsible for timing and starting jams and the thirty seconds between jams. The jam timer is also responsible for ending jams that run the full 2 minutes.

Penalty Tracker - Bouts have at least one penalty tracker. The penalty tracker records the penalties reported by referees and keeps track of the official penalty tally.

Penalty Timer - Bouts have at least two officials to oversee the penalty box. The penalty timing officials time skater penalties and release skaters back into play when penalties are fully served.

Scorekeeper - Bouts have two scorekeepers. The scorekeepers record the points reported by the Jammer Referees and keep the official score.

Scoreboard Operator - Bouts have one scoreboard operator. The scoreboard operator work with the computer scoreboard system and inputs the scores from the scorekeeper..

How To Become an NSO:

No experience is required to NSO, simply sign up and we will teach you what to do!

Our community is very inviting and eager to teach. (you can even have your own derby name)

If you are interested in becoming an NSO, please contact Hang 11 at

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