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___Become a Volunteer (All Ages)

   Volunteers needed:

Medic - two or three medics are needed for each bout. Medic volunteers must have their first aid certificate. Medics are on stand by to help assess injured skaters and provide minimal medical attention such as handing out icepacks and sitting with concussed players.

Announcer - Events have two announcers per bout. Announcers simply talk about what is happening in game play, explain game play to spectators, mention sponsors and event details. Some rules knowledge and game play knowledge is a benefit for announcing but if you are new to derby we will happily pair you with a veteran while you learn.

Merch vendor - one or two person shifts are given for merchandise sales. Generally the march booth is in a great location to allow you to still watch the game.

Admission - One or two person shifts are given for the admission booth which is located next to the front door, usually still in good view of the bout. Simply take admission payment, give change, hand out a program and have fun!

Bar and concession (19+) - one or two person shifts are given for the bar. Basic drink selection, no bartending experience needed.

How to Become a Volunteer

No experience needed, we will be happy to train you in any volunteer position!

Our community is very welcoming and eager to teach.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Hang 11 at

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