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Welcome to the League!

Hello! Greetings! Welcome! This post seeks to be your introduction to the weird, the wild, and the wonderful Saskatoon Roller Derby League (SRDL) as well as our newly formed blog. If you’ve made it this far, you probably already understand what roller derby is, and at least an inkling of knowledge about SRDL, however if you don’t, here is a brief introduction to who we are. (For those wanting to learn more about the rules of Roller Derby, please check out our website for more details). My name is Mad Macks, and I am a skater with the Saskatoon Roller Derby League. I am only just starting my third year of roller derby, which makes me feel immensely unqualified to write this blog, but the best part of our league is the fact that anyone can find a home here. I may not be the longest serving skater, but this league has become my second family, and so I can’t wait to share it with you.

SRDL is a fantastic (slightly cultish) organization that seeks to provide an inclusive environment for folks in Saskatoon (and area) to learn and grow in the sport of roller derby. The league is inclusive of all genders and abilities and will never turn a skater or league member away due to identity. The league has two travel teams, our WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) charter team the Mindfox, and our B team the Killa Bees. With this the league also maintains an active New Skater Intake Program (formerly known as Fresh Meat) and seeks to foster and develop skills of all skaters regardless of skill or ability. We have grown into a mature league with around 42 active skaters, and many league members who coach, referee, NSO, announce, and fill almost every role you could think of. 

SRDL Throughout the Years:

SRDL started in 2007 and was the first established Roller Derby league in Saskatchewan. At this time, the league had two house teams, the Bridge City Bombshells and the Hells Bells. At this time, roller derby was more showy than sporty, and players often sported fishnet stockings, belts, and wild makeup. The league continued with these house teams until 2010, when the league grew enough to have three teams, which were renamed the Multiple Convixens, the Slamazons and the Misfit Mafia. In 2010, the league also launched the Mindfox, who were named after the weird noises team members made to mess with other teams. In 2011, the league was still growing, and the Killa Bees were formed to take the role of the B level travel team. In 2013, the Mindfox won what was billed as “Canada’s First Roller Derby Championship” which was held in Edmonton, Alberta. This was a huge win for the league, and really showcased how far the league had come from its early house league days. Finally, in 2018, SRDL becomes the first WFTDA sanctioned league in Saskatchewan, with the Mindfox representing the league as our charter team.

This takes us to where we are today, a successful, fun loving, inclusive, and always growing league in the Paris of the Prairies. The Mindfox continue to make gains in the WFTDA rankings, moving up 89 places in April 2019 to 206th place. The Killa Bees have been making huge progress as a developmental team as well, with excellent games played at Flat Track Fever in the Mixed Gender bracket, and a close scoring home game against the NFRD Boom. Our New Skater Intake program has roughly 12 skaters participating, and it is already shaping up to be an excellent season for the league.

What’s to Come:

We may be mid way through our 2019 season, but there is so much left to come! On June 15th and 16th the League is hosting our annual tournament: Attack of the Eight Wheeled Woman. This year the tournament will have four B level teams from Alberta and Saskatchewan and will take place at the Cosmo Civic Centre. Come out for some hard-hitting action! If you want more derby, SRDL will also be hosting our second annual “Hitditch Cup”, a Harry Potter themed invitational roller derby tournament. This event will take place on August 24th and will sure to be a day filled with magic and wonder. You can also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages: Saskatoon Roller Derby League, for updates on other games and events throughout the rest of the season.

Thanks for taking the time to read our league’s first blog post! We hope you stick around for more posts on everything and anything roller derby.

Words: Mad Macks

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